If you live in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, you may want to consider becoming a Lifetime Member of PLAN.

*For those who live outside of this area, please click here for more information on PLAN Affiliates across Canada.

Lifetime Membership – An Agreement Between Families
Lifetime Membership with PLAN is an agreement between families to safeguard the well being of a family member with a disability for the lifetime of the individual with a disability. Through this family-to-family commitment, PLAN makes a promise to be there after the parents are no longer able to. This agreement effectively places the  responsibility for securing the future of our vulnerable family members upon all PLAN lifetime Member families.

Lifetime Membership in PLAN requires more than simply paying a membership fee and enjoying the benefits and services of an affiliation with like-minded individuals.Lifetime Membership with PLAN is more akin to ‘ownership’. It requires accepting responsibility for the ongoing operations, governance, and financial sustainability of PLAN so that PLAN can help secure the future of our loved ones with a disability. Lifetime Membership in PLAN involves both rights and responsibilities; benefits as well as obligations. In order to keep ‘the promise’ it is essential that all PLAN Lifetime Members enter into an agreement with other PLAN families to safeguard the future of PLAN.

Benefits of Lifetime Membership

The initial membership fee provides the following benefits:

Ongoing Benefits of Membership:

For more information including the fee structure for Lifetime Membership, please call us at 604-439-9566 or email

Also, for those who are not ready for full membership, we offer a program called Friends of PLAN. Click here to find out more!

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By joining families together, we’ve created a network of support that encourages safe, healthy, and connected lives for everyone. through the strength of this network, we create a sense of community that benefits us all.

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